Pro System 1 Hose & Hose Ends By Russell Performance

Engineered for the professional bike builder, Pro System I hose is a 308 stainless steel -3 braided hose specifically designed for high performance brake applications. It features a PTFE inner liner along with a clear or tinted coat for abrasion resistance to painted surfaces. Maximum operating pressure is 2500 PSI. Available with clear coat or smoke tinted coat. Does not meet D.O.T. specifications.
Pro System 1 Hose by Russell Performance Products
Size Length Part #
-3 10 R3180
-3 15 R3181
-3 20 R3182
-3 50 R3183
-3 10 R3480
-3 20 R3482

The Pro System I chrome plated compression hose end-fittings are designed to ensure a positive seal. Use in conjunction with the Pro System I braided hose for brake hose connections between the master cylinder, junction block and caliper.
Pro System 1 Compression Hose End Fittings by Russell Performance Products
Description Qty Part #
-3 90° Hose End 1 R2044C*
-3 Straight Hose End 1 R2013C*
Banjo Straight 10mm (3/8) 1 R4390C
Banjo Straight 10mm (7/16) 1 R4392C
35° Banjo 10mm (3/8) 1 R4391C
35° Banjo 10mm (7/16) 1 R4393C
90° Banjo 10mm (3/8) 1 R4394C
3/8 - 24 Inverted Flare 45° End for Rear Caliper 1 R4382C
3/8 - 24 Inverted Flare Straight for Front Caliper 1 R4381C
3/8 - 24 Inverted Flare 90° End Short for Junction Block/Caliper 1 R4384C
3/8 - 24 Inverted Flare 90° End Long for Junction Block/Caliper 1 R4385C
3/8 - 24 Inverted Flare 90° - 120° Junction Block to Master Cylinder 1 R4386C
-3 Replacement Ferrule 1 R2013-5*
Pro System 1 Replacement Ferrule 10 R49008
Edelbrock Installation Note INSTALLATION NOTE: *For use with R2013C and R2044C only.

Master Cylinder Adapter by Russell Performance Products
Description Qty Part #
Straight 3/8" -24 thread 1 R4242SS

Edelbrock Tech Note TECH NOTES: How to assemble Pro System I Fittings

How to assemble Pro System I Fittings

1. Wrap tape tightly around hose where cut is to be made.
2. Using either a cut off wheel or fine tooth hack saw, cut hose to desired length.
3. With a sharp knife, trim back the clear coating approx. 1 from end of hose.
4. Disassemble the 3-piece adapter fitting.
5. Slide the tapered nut (taper first) over the hose.
6. Using a small screw driver, separate and open up the stainless braid from the PTFE inner liner.
7. Slip the brass ferrule (tapered end towards the hose) over the PTFE inner liner.
8. Lubricate barb with brake fluid and insert the barbed end of the fitting into the PTFE tube.
9. Draw up the tapered nut and tighten down.

Note: To re-use Compression fittings, you must replace the ferrule. Be sure to choose the correct ferrule for your fitting.

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