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The History Of Russell Performance


Russell® Performance Products is the leader in advanced fluid transfer systems. No matter what you drive, Russell has the hoses, hose ends, adapter fittings, speed bleeders, and performance accessories for professionals and enthusiasts. We have an extensive line of automotive plumbing products and tools for fuel, brake, water, oil, and other systems for automotive, motorcycle, and marine applications. Hoses include the ProClassic, ProClassic II, ProFlex, ProRace, PowerFlex, and Twist-Lok. Hose ends include Crimp-On, Full Flow, Full Flow Swivel, PowerFlex, Specialty Swivel, Tube Seal, and Twist-Lok. Adapter fittings include AN, Fuel-specific, Twist-Lok, and Universal Turbo. If it needs plumbing, chances are Russell has you covered.

Russell is a proud member of the Edelbrock Group™ family of brands, including Edelbrock, COMP Cams®, FAST® (Fuel Air Spark Technology), TCI® Automotive, Russell® Performance and Lunati Power®, representing over 130 years of performance. Headquartered in Olive Branch, Mississippi, Edelbrock focuses on the future with more innovative parts, creating more opportunities for our customers to go fast. For more information about the Edelbrock Group or any partner brands, visit

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Our mission of “Driving the Future of Automotive Performance” can only be accomplished by the coming together of a diverse talented group of people who are centered on a commitment to exceptional quality, service and performance. If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, we invite you to apply today!


In 1970, drag racer Dave Russell had a small speed shop called Pacific Speed in San Diego, where he worked on his NHRA/IHRA Top Fuel Dragster. After one too many failed hoses, he searched for a better solution. Little did he know it would turn into a business. Russell entered a military surplus store and discovered that aircraft-quality hoses and fittings had a use-by date. Anything that wasn’t used was sold as surplus, even though nothing was wrong with it. Once Dave plumbed his car, others noticed, and Dave Russell Race Car Parts was off and running. Dave started bidding on boxes of surplus hoses and fittings, buying as many as he could get his hands on.

By 1974-75, Russell knew there was demand for his product and looked to expand the business to reach a larger audience. However, all the inventory was loose and held in bins in those days. Dave decided to package individual pieces and take them to market. He was the first automotive plumbing company to package products for wholesale/retail. Russell created a catalog, including some parts from Speed Products Engineering. Good friend Bill Simpson (of racing safety fame) gave Russell a corner of his booth at the SEMA Show to showcase his products and pitch them to wholesalers and retailers. SC Performance picked up his line and started selling it at their Service Center stores.

By the late '70s, the military surplus had dried up, and Russell started manufacturing fittings and hoses. In 1978, he incorporated the company, named it Russell Performance Products, and moved the operation from San Diego to Bill Simpson’s Gasoline Alley West in Torrance. Business was brisk, and Russell branched out in the early ‘80s to include the motorcycle market with prepackaged and preassembled hoses, fittings, and cables for popular Harley-Davidson bikes.


By 1997, Russell needed to expand, but he found the business cost in California unaffordable, so he moved the operation to Florida. He had six CNC machines manufacturing products, while hose-ends were outsourced to a local machine shop. By the end of the decade, Russell was looking to sell, and the product line caught the eye of Vic Edelbrock Jr.

Edelbrock closed the deal on December 25, 2000. By June 2001, Russell Performance Products operations were moved back to California to the Edelbrock facilities. In 2020, Russell Performance became one of six power brands when it and Edelbrock were merged with COMP Performance Group to form the Edelbrock Group, which is owned by Industrial Opportunity Partners (IOP).


Russell Performance and its distribution center are headquartered in Olive Branch, Mississippi. The Edelbrock Group family of brands includes Edelbrock LLC, COMP Cams, TCI Automotive, FAST-Fuel Air Spark Technology, and Lunati Power.


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